YOGA: The Answer to Chronic Back Pain

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Are you the victim of the cruel back strain? Is it hampering your life and robbing you of your happiness? Do you face difficulties in enjoying even the simplest of activities of the daily life? Do not worry anymore as you have the perfect weapon to fight the enemy now! Yes, Yoga is the best remedy for you if you are suffering from the brutalities of chronic back pain.

Doctors were mistaken beforehand when they thought that the pain was always caused due to an injury or disease. They never got to the bottom of the problem but when they did and found no underlying cause for the pain then they would state that only a few treatments are available or that the pain resides in the head only. However, recent research studies suggest that yoga sessions help in coping up with chronic back pain and reduces the symptoms of the lower back strain. 12 weeks of yoga has proven beneficial to the sufferers of back pain and they saw clinical improvements. Apparently, the intake of pain medications has also reduced to a large extent. A similar study was carried out in the year 2005 and even though it was smaller in structure, it yielded positive results too. Therefore, these successive positive outcomes have cemented the fact that Yoga is the best option to reduce chronic lower back pain.

There are many yoga poses that emphasize on the legs and torso which provide relief to the back pain on both the short term and long term basis. Most yoga sessions structured to ease the moderate back pain feature the following asanas:

1) Static Back:

The lower back is helped very much with this asana. This posture puts your hip and trunk on the same plane and uses gravity to soothe the pain. You must lie down with your chin facing the ceiling and the backs of your knees resting on a cushion or couch. This enables your knees to make a 90-degree angle with your torso and allows the shins to be parallel to the ground. The neck and arms should be relaxed and the asana should be held for a minimum of 5 minutes.



2) Supported Child’s Pose:

This is a very simple yet highly pain-relieving asana. The sacrum and the lower back is opened by the Child’s pose while the heart rate is slowed. You must sit your hips back towards your feet and place your chest onto a bolster for support. The head is relaxed to one side before switching after sometime and deeps breaths are advised throughout the whole process.



3) Seated Leg Binding Twist:

The thoracic extension in the middle region of your back is promoted by this asana. The posture is achieved by extending one of your legs out while bending the other and placing the sole of the foot in front of you. The toes must be pointed forward and knees towards the sky. Twist your body towards the bent knee in order to hug the opposite arm. The other hand is placed on the ground behind your back for support.



4) Bent Knee Forward Bend:

This asana works on many parts of the body. The fold stretches the shoulders, spine and hamstrings. The legs are extended forward while a blanket is placed under your knees for support. Next, just fold over while you place your head between your legs.4


All these asanas provide immense relief to the back pain and also reduces it completely if followed diligently for a long time.


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