Yoga – Medical Benefits

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Mind-body connection

The healing benefits of yoga stem from the conscious regulation of bodily movements. The essential significance of this is to focus on the nervous system and in concentrating on developing an attentiveness of physical movement. This can lead to enhanced synchronization between mind and body. This is beneficial, especially, for those suffering from psychological conditions such as depression and PTSD, because a better sense of connection between the mind and the body gives rise to better control and understanding of their state of being.




Effects of Yoga on certain Psychological Conditions

  • Anxiety and depression. A 2010 literature evaluation of the study on the use of Hatha Yoga for treating depression, said that Hatha Yoga may be effective in the controlling of depression. Both the physical workout and the mindfulness meditation mechanisms may be supportive of the improvement in the condition.
  • Dementia. There is some evidence that exercise programs may help people with dementia perform their daily activities.




Effects of Yoga on Physical Conditions

  •  Back pain. There is proof that Hatha Yoga may be effective in the controlling of chronic, but not acute, low back pain. The outcome of additional research on the usefulness of Hatha Yoga for continuing low back pain indicated that at around 24 weeks the Hatha Yoga group had statistically substantial decreases in functional infirmity, ache intensity, and depression in comparison to a typical 6-month medical treatment. It was also determined from this study that there was a substantial tendency in the Hatha Yoga group reducing their use of pain medicine as compared to that of the control group.
  •  Blood pressure. Evidence is existent to propose that Hatha Yoga might be able to help people with high blood pressure.
  • Cancer. Practice of Hatha Yoga improves quality-of-life measures in cancer patients. Hatha Yoga, as part of cancer  management has also displayed betterment in biomarkers such as TNF-alpha, Interleukin 6 and IL-1beta. Stronger effects on biomarkers, as well as quality-of-life measures is accompanied with regular Hatha Yoga practice. Hatha Yoga, however, has no effect whatsoever on the original disease.
  •  Sports Related Physical Health. Progressively Hatha Yoga is used to train sports-persons and athletes, to make the most of performance, improve training, and reduce injury. Hatha Yoga is used comprehensively within British soccer to lessen injuries. Manchester United star Ryan Giggs is one of the most prominent sports-persons, who openly integrates it in his work out regime.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” – Unknown




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