Useful Warm ups and Yoga stretches to relieve your lower back pain:

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Having a nagging pain in the back can be troublesome for many and be the cause for the unhappiness in your life. You will find it tough to even do the simplest of activities like getting out of bed or helping the kids get ready for school. This is why you would require a plan to combat the persistent and agonizing pain and Yoga stretches would fit the bill perfectly. With a brief stint of carefully planned Yoga and Stretching exercises, you will be able to beat the lingering back spasms.


This is something you would need to address very attentively. You are always required to ease into Yoga sessions because, believe it or not, Yoga stretches can cause very severe injuries to your joints and muscles. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to loosen up the stiff muscles and get your blood flowing before you attempt the complicated asanas and the following would help you relax your muscles for the rigors of Yoga.


  • Toe-touch: To attempt this, you must stand with equal weights on both feet and with your hips squared. Then extend your arms straight out in front of you, step forward with your left foot. Engage your core muscles in order to swing your right foot up to touch your right hand. Repeat with the left foot and complete 10-20 repetitions for each.


  • Knee hug: The lower back is worked well with this and a deeper stretch is ensured. It also works your core. You need to stand straight and then bring your knee up to the chest, one at a time, and squeeze. This must be repeated for 10-20 times again.


  • Lunge: This is the final stage of the warm-up session and this increases your strength and flexibility while testing your balance. You must be standing with your feet together before taking a big step forward with your left leg while you slowly bring your right knee to touch the ground. Then you raise it back up and push back to standing position. Do not let the knee go in front of your left ankle while you lunge. This must be repeated for 10-20 times on either leg.


Yoga Stretches

Now, after you are done with your warm up, comes the time for the real exercises which, if practiced methodically, will relieve you of your back pain completely. The following stretches will loosen up your back muscles, while increasing flexibility to an optimum level.


  • Hamstring stretch: This stretch would loosen up the long strong muscles that run down the backs of the legs. They can shorten and tighten over time which causes tension in the lower back.
  1. Lie on your back with legs kept straight.
  2. Inhale and raise your left leg up to a 90-degree angle.
  3. Place your hands around your lower thigh and pull the leg toward you while you exhale.
  4. Inhale again and release the leg. Follow it up by exhaling and engage your core muscles to lower the leg down slowly.
  5. Repeat for a total of 10-20 repetitions on either foot.


  • Piriformis stretch: The stretch is named after the muscle which is focused upon here. Piriformis originates at the sacrum and attaches at the greater trochanter. It is a part of the rotator group of muscles in the pelvis and often subjected to sciatic pain.
  1. This stretch can be performed while standing or lying down.
  2. If you do it while standing up, you must stand with both feet on the ground at first.
  3. Then raise the left knee while inhaling.
  4. Then place your right hand on your left knee and move the knee across the body to the right, while keeping the knee level.
  5. Inhale again to uncross the knee and keep the foot back on the ground.

This full routine, if followed diligently, will bring results and relief to you. The full session works your back, lower back and legs and this will ensure that the spasms in your lower back stop for good. However, care should be taken while following this sequence of exercise and you must consult a doctor if you feel sharp pains while doing easy stretches.


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