The Secret Powers of Yoga

by admin

People take Yoga for a lot of different reasons.  Some take it for flexibility, others for stress relief, and still more as a form of exercise.  Yoga is an ancient practice of oneness.  In fact, the name literally translates to “union” as it is the act of becoming one with the natural world around you.  It is when we can achieve an understanding of that union, when the secret powers of Yoga unfold.  When you are able to tap into the understanding that you are one with the ground beneath your feet, the trees that sway in the wind outside, the animals that find their home there or help the flowers to grow you can achieve incredible things, mentally and spiritually.


Yoga is more than a pleasant physical exercise; it is about understanding the purpose of the exercise and movement so that your body can overcome illness.  Yoga is a medicine as well as a practice.  When you perform yoga you are helping your body to detoxify from the damage of stress, and to move your body into the type of positions that encourage your body’s organs to function properly.  People who do yoga are far healthier than those who do not.


Healthy, however, is more than never catching a cold.  Healthy is feeling joyful, peaceful, and loving towards others.  This type of mental health comes when one is able to tap into the divine principles and God (however you define it).  As one becomes adept in yoga and its various paths, he or she is able to achieve great insight and understanding of the world.  Some experience visions, and a higher state of consciousness.  Many yogis experience the same type of euphoria that others have claimed to have on psychedelic substances, simply by meditating. What is interesting about Yoga is how science is catching up to what ancient Rishis and gurus always knew about the body and mind.  MRIs have shown that regions of the brain normally unused are activated by the practice.


When you practice Yoga you tap into the ability to grow and expand, both inside and out.  You learn secrets about yourself, others, and the Universe.  It is more than a chic trend that involves a mat and comfortable pants.  It is a way of living in harmony with the world around you.


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