Practice Yoga to ‘Mend Your Broken Heart’

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“You can’t keep a cool head when you’re drowning in love. You just thrash around a lot and scream, and wear yourself out.”

                                                                                          – Margaret Atwood

The above statement is practical enough. But the point is, if you scream and wear yourself out, don’t you think it will take a toll on your heath? It’s hard to cope with a heart break. You are shattered, both mentally and physically. Under such circumstances, if you scream and exhaust yourself, you tend to feel worse. You must learn to take control of the thought waves in your mind. Never let your thoughts take you towards the wrong direction as that would make you feel worse.  Continue with your normal day-to-day activities, but it is also important to clear your mind of the negative thoughts and heal your heart. And this is only possible through the regular practice of yoga. You’ll get the results within a few weeks of practicing yoga. You’ll become calm and composed, your heart will begin to heal and you’ll learn to open up, forgive and erase negative memories from your life.

Read on the article to know how yoga can help you through a heartbreak and heal your aching heart.

Learn to open up

1. Learn to open up

You cry your heart out after a heartbreak. The pain that you feel rips you apart. But then, you slowly learn to move on in life. Under such circumstances, practicing the Ustrasana or the Camel pose would be very helpful. You’ll find that your sadness would surface up and slowly peter out. Your tears would eventually stop and you’ll find inner peace.  You experience this type of peace only when you allow yourself to truly process and feel your emotions. Yoga helps you to forget your pain, open your heart and feel your emotions.

Breath in to calm your restless mind


2. Breath in to calm your restless mind

Breathing is a powerful tool that influences emotional vibration. When your breathing is short and quick, it means you are in a state of panic. So, breathe slowly. Stay calm, take deep breaths and exhale peacefully. Yoga teaches you to use your breath in order to quieten your mind, take control of your fearful thoughts and reconnect with your true self.

Judge Yourself

3. Judge Yourself

In yoga, you are your own best teacher. Yes, definitely you need an instructor who would guide you to do the poses correctly. But you are the one who knows the best way to perform the poses. Apply this yoga theory when you’re dealing with heart aches. You’ll receive a lot of opinions after your breakup. Regardless of what others say, just learn to leave behind your sorrows and move on in life.

Feeling happy with others

4. Feeling happy with others

When you’re alone, you cry and crib. You think about the broken relationship, of those calls, dates and dinners, of the time you spent together and you cry your heart out. But when you start practicing yoga with others you get over the feeling of being isolated. Getting on the mat and practicing the pose with others make you feel that you’re not alone.

Invigorating Experience!

5. Invigorating Experience!

Your mind enters into a meditative state when you practice yoga. You stop worrying about the past or fret about the future. Your focus is in the present and you put in your efforts to make your present beautiful.

Practicing self-kindness and compassion

6. Practicing self-kindness and compassion

Regular yoga sessions help you to take control on your feelings. You learn the importance of honoring your feeling and treating yourself with care and compassion. Yoga helps to perk-up your mood when you’re feeling down.

Connecting with your inner self

7. Connecting with your inner self

When you are in a relationship, the sense of ‘We’ plays a major role in your life. So, after the break-up, it is hard to cope with the feeling of being single again. Yoga teaches you the importance of establishing a connection with your inner self. It helps to calm your turbulent mind, giving you a chance to take a peek into your inner self and get a clear idea of what you want from life. When you are clear and confident about your future, you can definitely hope for a healthy life and brighter future ahead.


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