How Eating Disorders can be cured with Daily Yoga Practice

What many of us don’t know is nearly 10 million men and women are affected by eating disorders in the United States alone. Teenagers are hard hit, but the adults are also not less in number. The most common disorders that have affected many are anorexia and bulimia. These ailments were earlier thought to be related to physical problems; however, research reveals that psychological, social, biological and behavioral issues also triggers bulimia and anorexia. Eating disorders can be debilitating, both mentally and physically. One of the easiest ways to overcome eating disorders is by practicing yoga on a daily basis.

Yoga rejuvenates the body, mind and soul, helping people who are suffering from eating disorders to heal and recuperate. The asanas work effectively when the body stops responding to other treatments. Yoga helps in heightening self-esteem, improving focus and concentration. It also helps in reducing depression and creating a balanced state of mind. Yoga can establish a connection between the mind, body and soul and helps in minimizing the negative effects of the illnesses. For instance, anorexia lowers the energy level and creates low bone density. A person suffering from anorexia feels fatigued and exhausted all day long. According to yoga gurus, daily yoga lessons accelerates the healing process, increasing the overall fitness level and equipping the body and mind to combat the ill-effects of the disease.

Yoga poses

The yoga teachers often relate the problems of the eating disorders with the first chakra, better known as the Root chakra. The different yoga poses such as the crab pose, full-wind pose, pigeon pose and locust pose are performed to balance the first chakra. The other poses such as the mountain, prayer squat and standing squat also help in improving health conditions. The back bending poses help in reducing the adverse effects of depression and the forward bends calms the mind and the spirit. Basically, the various yoga poses help in establishing a strong connection between the mind, body and soul.

The three most popular types of yoga that people practice to remain fit, healthy and disease-free life are power yoga, bikram yoga and hatha yoga. The hatha yoga comprise of various asanas or postures that open the many channels in the body, increasing the free flow of energy. Power yoga is the more aerobic style of the yoga that stresses on cardio and bikram yoga is that style which is practiced in a heated room to quicken the detoxification process. One who masters these forms can live a healed, healthy and energized life.


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