What the Yoga Sutras Say about Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is defined as a mental state, which can be achieved by bringing attention to the present moment on purpose while peacefully acknowledging one’s thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. Humans are “bundles of habits”! We often focus on past experiences and emotions and are constantly thinking about our future. Mindfulness helps us to be at present, right here, right now!

Mindfulness is very essential for yogic asanas, pranayama and meditation. It allows us to back-off from auto-pilot behaviors and habitual thought conventions and leads inward to the center of consciousness, so that we can see things more clearly.

The ancient sages and yogis highly emphasized on yamas and niyamas as core values of yoga sutras. According to Stephen Cope, “The yamas are really about restraining behaviors that are motivated by grasping, aversion, hatred, and delusion; the niyamas are designed to create well-being for ourselves and others.”

10-15 minutes of daily yoga meditation with mindfulness and concentration can help you to overcome stress, anxiety, attention deficit and depression. It triggers “feel good hormone” to flow in our body, which helps us in decision making, creativity and orientation.

Research indicates that it’s also beneficial for chronic pain, coronary disease, mental-illness and sleeping disorders.

Mindfulness is very effective and helpful to enhance quality of life and live it to the full. Most importantly, it’s quite simple and achievable for all. For this, you don’t need to go on mountain or become an expert and perform difficult and time-consuming yoga postures. You can achieve this with simple yoga meditation at home, office or in the lap of nature. You just need to lie or sit down and focus on the anchor of awareness, it can be your breath or any sound or image. You may require an eco- friendly yoga mat for this, which you can easily carry with yourself.

We all wish everlasting joyfulness and contentment in our life, but stressors and worry-triggers cannot be restrained. Worry not! Now we know how to overcome these emotional and behavioral obstacles and live a stress-free, happy life.


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