Eating right, staying healthy

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Earth Day is a great time of the year to ponder how our lives impact our being and how we can imbibe the goodness of Mother Nature. Speaking of which, eating is said to be one of the most important forms of consumption and hence our eating habits forms an integral part of our diet. A recent research harps upon the how our daily intake of food type affects our healthy being. Here are a handful of pointers that might help us find the right track with our diet.


Eating less meat

No matter who you are or what you do, consuming lesser amount of meat can help you stay healthy. Although, giving up on meat would be a drastic decision and might not find well with many out there, one can always cut down on the consumption and find ways to eat better and be stronger in the process.

Buying it local

Transporting food over long distances is never a good idea. There are people who stay in conditions where there is winter all the months of the year and its quite difficult for them to lay hands on fresh food. In that case, frozen or processed food might come handy. But, visiting local markets to buy foods is always a better option.

Buying organic foods

Always remember herbicides and pesticides are meant to put things to death. Moreover, organic foods taste way better than other forms of food.



Cooking it yourself

Cooking your food on your own is perhaps the best way to ensure the nutritional values are kept constant as home cooking doesn’t encourage the addition of added flavours. For people who are into yoga or other forms of exercises, self cooking ensures more “Prana” to be added to your diet and help to imbibe the goodness of exercising for one and all.





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